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Motown the Musical is About – What Else? – The Music!

1411601782bg_Motown-Pstr-4c2As “Motown the Musical” – the slick Broadway jukebox show authored by none other than Motown founder Berry Gordy – makes its way across the country on its national tour, theater reviewers have been almost universally laudatory. That’s almost, not unanimously. Here and there, you’ll find a few reviewers noting that the show is “thin on story.” Maybe they thought Gordy would spill deep, dark, behind the scenes secrets of his rise from featherweight boxer to heavyweight music producer, and ultimately, one of the most powerful men in the music industry. That was never Gordy’s style, though. Motown was all about the music and the show – and so, too is the theater spectacular he’s put together with producers Kevin McCollum and Doug Morris.

70 Motown Hits in 3 Hours – Get Your Motown Tickets Now!

A Lot of Music for the Price of One Ticket

And what a show! “Motown the Musical” manages to pack nearly 70 Motown hits into just under three hours on the stage, all the while weaving the story of Gordy and the stars he discovered, groomed and ultimately lost as they moved on to their own projects. All the big names are represented – and lovingly portrayed: Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations… the list goes on and on. Even the harshest critics note that the actors portraying the stars are about as authentic as they come.

But the real story is about the music, and “Motown the Musical” really delivers on that promise. These aren’t just a jumble of songs – they represent the best of Motown’s catalogue, including megahits like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and The Marvelletes’ “Please Mr. Postman,” medleys of the Jackson Five’s greatest hits, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder’s super hits – it’s like a Motown party that goes on and on and on.

The Show Offers Much More than Music

That’s not to say that the performances are lacking in anything, either. Charl Brown was nominated for a Tony for his performance of Smokey Robinson on Broadway, and he recreates the role to perfection in the touring company. Luci St. Louis plays a flawless Diana Ross, and has the audience eating out of her hand with her rendition of the dynamic diva. Thirteen-year-old Kwame Kandekore charms the audience as an appropriately energetic young Michael Jackson – his previous role was in the London production of “The Bodyguard,” where he shared the role of the star’s son, Fletcher, with six other 10-year-old boys. The show’s star, though, is undoubtedly Cedric Neal, whose Berry Gordy is sensitive, touching and very, very personal.

Well, not really. The real star of “Motown the Musical” is the music, which has the audience tapping toes, nodding their heads, and singing along with the lyrics that they all know so well.

Where to Find the Best Seats for Motown the Musical

“Motown the Musical” is playing a series of 2-5 day runs in select theaters across the country through the end of the year. Many of the venues sell out quickly, especially in cities with an active theater scene.

Check our listings to find out when the show will be in your neck of the woods and get your “Motown the Musical” tickets before they sell out. Not only can you find the best seating for Motown the Musical on our site, but you’ll find excellent seating choices for all the productions you want to see. And in addition to having the tickets you want, we also keep you current on all the latest happenings in the theatre world. We make it our mission to keep you up to date about everything that is going on in the theatre world.  We do that maintaining a blog that informs you about the latest shows and events, and anything you need to know to stay current on theatre happenings. We also keep our fans updated on our social media channels. For instance, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join us on our Google+ account.

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