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Three Women Power The Sound of Music National Broadway Tour

SoundOfMusic-thumbIt only seems appropriate on International Women’s Day to pay tribute to the three amazing women who are bringing new life to one of Broadway’s most beloved classics, “The Sound of Music.” The Broadway revival cast is currently touring North America, playing in such renowned venues as the Boston Opera House, Philadelphia’s Academy of Music and Ontario’s National Arts Centre in the next few months.

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Can an Old-Fashioned Play Bring it to Broadway. Yes!

When The Sound of Music tour was announced last year, the news was greeted with a mix of wariness and anticipation. Broadway critics wondered whether director Jack O’Brien could breathe life into a show that was largely considered dated and old-fashioned. Those doubts were swept away as the show opened to rave reviews after its Los Angeles opening. While critics spoke glowingly of nearly all aspects of the production, their real praise was reserved for the trio of women playing major roles in the show.

A Young Actress Rules the Stage

Kerstin Anderson takes on the role of Maria Von Trapp, a role that has been played by two of the grand dames of American theater, Julie Andrews and Mary Martin. At just 20 years old, Anderson had never played in a large-scale production when she auditioned for the part last year. The sophomore at Pace University enchanted O’Brien the moment she opened her mouth to sing, and he knew he’d found his Maria. His faith in the young Anderson has been more than justified. One critic wrote that Anderson plays the role with “a spirit so joyful, a physicality so lithe and coltish and a soprano so faultlessly soaring that only Frau Shraeder…could possibly resist her charm.”

Anderson’s youth brings a sweetness and freshness to the meaty role that’s in keeping with the freshness of the production – and with the youth of another of the major players, Paige Silvester, who plays 16-year-old Liesl Von Trapp. Variety’s Bob Verini noted that for a change, Liesl actually does seem to be 16 going on 17 rather than 21 going on 30. Silvester brings a wealth of experience to her role – she’s toured nationally with “Evita,” among other things, and is the proud possessor of a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of Michigan – and she puts that experience to good use. Silvester’s Liesl has an emotional depth that’s largely missing in the more familiar 1965 movie role.

The Sound of Music—Only Fresher

In fact, the entire production has more emotional depth. O’Brien has stripped away the years of tradition surrounding the classic Broadway musical and rendered it according to the original book rather than trying to recreate the Hollywood silver screen production on stage. Under his direction, a much younger than expected Mother Superior, played by soprano powerhouse Ashley Brown, gently guides and counsels the young novice Maria as the girl deals with her own doubts and questions. Brown’s soaring soprano rendition of Climb Every Mountain will stay with you long after the curtain comes down – as will the fresh look at the relationships and inner emotions of the main characters in this new, fresher version of The Sound of Music.

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